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Your Netflix Remains Safe from Edwards’ Liberal Tax & Spend Agenda

Governor John Bel Edwards’ proposed tax on Netflix and Spotify accounts, amongst other products and services, died on Monday in the Louisiana House. The Times-Picayune is calling this failure “another blow to Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ efforts.”

Governor Edwards has tried to impose a plethora of new taxes and tax increases this legislative session, and the failure of this new tax on products and services is just the latest setback to his liberal agenda. This from The Times-Picayune:

“Louisiana legislation to start taxing a variety of products and services — everything from Netflix and Spotify to landscaping and massages — is dead for the current legislative session … It was another blow to Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards’ efforts to maintain public services without huge spending cuts to help close a projected $1.3 billion budget deficit in the fiscal year that begins July 1, 2018. Reynold’s House Bill 655 was the last major, remaining piece of Edwards’ tax package, after other elements were voted down by the House Ways and Means Committee or abandoned by sponsors before that panel could vote on them.”

Edwards’ legislative agenda has gained little to no traction this session. Just last week, Edwards’ attempt to restrict school vouchers failed in the State Senate Education Committee. A couple of weeks ago, Edwards’ flawed business tax proposal failed following opposition from Republicans, Democrats and business groups.

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