Issue Areas

As a direct result of bold conservative reforms, America is thriving. The U.S. economy is stronger than ever, our military has been rebuilt, and we’re finally respected by our friends and adversaries around the world.

Unfortunately, that historic progress is under constant siege from the socialist policies being pushed by Democrats. Their radical agenda would bankrupt our country and exponentially increase the size and scope of the federal government.

America Rising Squared (AR2) is dedicated to defeating these socialist policies by advancing conservative principles through cutting-edge research, rapid response communications, a nationwide tracking network, and digital platforms.

The Supreme Court

The importance of an independent judiciary cannot be overstated. While Democrats prefer their nominees to be super-legislators in robes, AR2 is committed to supporting center-right Judges who will uphold the Constitution and rule of law.


A single-payer approach to healthcare would cost taxpayers more than $32 trillion over ten years, eliminate private insurance, and force every American into a one-size-fits all government-run plan. AR2 supports a system that lowers costs and provides consumers with the freedom to control their own healthcare decisions.

The Green New Deal

The Democrats’ Green New Deal proposal would destroy the economy and eliminate millions of family-supporting jobs. AR2 holds Democrats accountable for this misguided policy and exposes the devastating impact it would have on the American way of life.

Check how the Green New Deal could impact your state.

Combatting the Socialist Agenda

Democrats have increasingly embraced a radical socialist agenda that would put the federal government in control of virtually every aspect of our lives. AR2 stands firmly against their failed policies, which would suffocate middle-class families and small businesses with new taxes, fees and regulations.


Today the American free enterprise system is under assault like never before. Big labor has continued its multi-million dollar, nationwide campaign for a $15 minimum wage, which would eliminate millions of jobs. AR2 exposes the true motivation and real-life consequences of these big labor initiatives.

Tax Reform

In 2017, Republicans provided American workers with their first tax cut in more than 30 years. The impacts were swift and overwhelming as the economy was supercharged, wages grew, and unemployment plummeted. AR2 is dedicated to preserving and building upon that progress, which Democrats are already trying to repeal.

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