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WTAS: Gorsuch Smear-Job Ridiculed As “Weak,” “Ignorant,” “Nonsense”

As two separate reports surfaced last night alleging Judge Gorsuch of plagiarism, the backlash to these baseless charges was swift and plentiful.

On top of the clear facts, which show that this is a classic left-wing smear, here’s a roundup of some of the best points made refuting these absurd claims & highlighting that the Judge did everything by the book:

Ed Whelan, National Review“Bastardized Charges”  
  • “Surprise, surprise. Another desperate 11th-hour smear, something that appears to have become a rite of passage for Republican Supreme Court nominees.”
  • “Imagined victim of supposed plagiarism repudiates attack. Academic experts say Gorsuch followed standard practice.” (Twitter)

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent“Weasley Worded News Reports That Neil Gorsuch Committed Plagiarism Are Fake News. Here’s Why.”

  • The allegation is crap and the reporters who are pushing this out are Democrats masquerading as objective reporters. Don’t believe me though. Believe the people who are the supposed victims of the plagiarism.”
  • “Buzzfeed says a lady had her work plagiarized by Gorsuch. The lady says Gorsuch did not plagiarize her.” (Twitter)

Jazz Shaw, Hot Air“Last Minute ‘Plagiarism’ Smear Against Gorsuch Is Denied By Supposed ‘Victim'”
  • “You can see the examples in the Politico article for yourself, but the material in dispute doesn’t constitute any sort of analysis or opinion. It’s primarily a group of dry descriptions of medical conditions.”
  • This is a rather sad attack, but now it’s out there and will become part of the legend in liberal circles. But I suppose this is the sort of ammunition you need in your bag if you’re desperately trying to find a way to explain why you are filibustering a nominee with essentially unimpeachable qualifications.”

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