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What We Saw At “Fight For $15’s” National Day Of Disruption

In advance of Tuesday’s highly choreographed protests by the so-called “Fight for $15” movement, AR2 released a statement highlighting the hypocrisy behind the movement and the jobs that would be eliminated by a government-mandated minimum wage hike.

To monitor what was really happening at these protests, we deployed our nationwide network of trackers to monitor the organizers and expose the movement.

TheBlaze reported on one protester in Massachusetts that actually claimed that a $15/hour minimum wage wouldn’t lead to job loss, despite the fact that a study showed that it would eliminate 101,000 jobs in Massachusetts and seven million across the country.

The artificial nature of these protests were exposed after NTK Network reported on video that showed protesters being loaded onto buses in Chicago:

Then, in protests in Philadelphia, there was an troubling sign from a protester attacking capitalism:


And these offensive signs in Richmond, VA from protesters speak for themselves:

As we have seen in prior protests, this movement’s intention is not to help workers. It is a power grab by big labor that will eliminate jobs and have serious economic ramifications.

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