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WHAT THEY ARE SAYING – Scott Pruitt Nomination To Lead EPA Generating Far-Reaching Praise

Over the past several days, members of both parties as well as editorial boards and groups that have stakes in environmental policy strongly advocated confirming Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA. This groundswell of support comes as the importance of making sure the EPA protects the environment while instituting policies conducive to economic growth has never been greater:

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV): “I believe that Attorney General Pruitt has an impressive resume, and, as a former executive, I believe that the President should have a chance to pick his team.” 

Former AG Mike Turpen (D-OK): ““I am convinced Scott Pruitt will work to protect our natural habitats, reserves, and resources.

  • “Scott Pruitt’s background in constitutional law, combined with a nuanced understanding of how environmental regulations affect the economy, mean that he will be a thoughtful leader of the EPA, and one capable of striking the balance between protecting the environment and our economy.”

AG-Elect Curtis Hill (R-IN): “Scott Pruitt has earned national recognition for his expertise in constitutional law, the federal regulatory system and his dogged determination in taking on tough fights on behalf of his constituents.”

  • “So, while the far left will try to sully his reputation, Republicans and even moderate Democrats will support General Pruitt in his confirmation, confident that he will succeed in his mission to protect the environment while also protecting the rights of Americans and the rule of law.” 

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY): “The EPA is the posterchild for agencies in need of immediate reform and Scott has the resume and energy to turn this bureaucracy around. Scott already stood up to the EPA in instances of federal overreach in his and other states, and I’m confident he will work to find reasonable solutions rather than simply working to grow the reach and power of the federal bureaucracy.”

Iowa Farm Bureau: “President-Elect Donald Trump chose Scott Pruitt , the attorney general for Oklahoma, to be the next EPA Administrator. The Iowa Farm Bureau supports the decision, calling Pruitt a leading advocate against an activist EPA, specifically noting how he’s against the Waters of the U.S. rule.”

The Washington Examiner: “Pruitt is an excellent choice to run the EPA because all of this abusive bureaucratic behavior needs to stop. He comes from a part of the world with which Obama’s EPA seems unfamiliar, the part where people still need to work for a living, and the part that just cost Obama’s party the presidency.”

Colorado Springs-Gazette: “We have confidence this appointment will directly benefit Colorado Springs and the rest of the country. If confirmed, we hope Pruitt immediately stops the agency’s insane lawsuit against Colorado Springs.”

Hugh Hewitt: “Pruitt will bring not an attack on climate science to the EPA but a deep regard for the rightful role of an agency that is a creature of statute, not a producer of them.”

Dale Moore, Public Policy For American Farm Bureau: “It’s very clear that Mr. Pruitt is not afraid to take on issues and take them into the courts when he feels that the regulatory process isn’t working correctly.”

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