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Weingarten To Stand Up For Far-Left Special Interests; Attack DeVos’ Advocacy For Students

In a speech this morning in front of the National Press Club, President of the left-wing American Federation for Teachers Randi Weingarten is expected to launch a number of untrue and unfounded attacks against the proposals of Education Secretary-designate Betsy DeVos.

These attacks, from claiming DeVos wants to end public education to the absurd charges that she’s a religious extremist, have been thoroughly debunked, but that won’t stop Weingarten, who is desperate to maintain the political clout that her union has amassed during the past eight years.

The fact is that Weingarten’s primary goal is to maintain the status quo that has empowered the teacher’s unions and put their agenda at odds with what is best for students and parents.

In that vain, Weingarten’s AFT has tried to uphold the status quo by flooding campaign contributions to Democrats, doling out more than six hundred thousand combined to Democrats currently on the HELP Committee and sending more than $37 million to other liberals running for office nationwide.

On the other side of the coin is DeVos, who understands that the most important players in the education debate are the students and parents, and that is who she will look out for as the leader of the Education Department.

Weingarten is obviously threatened by DeVos’ reform efforts which is why she will launch a tirade against her later today. The important thing to remember is that Weingarten is looking out for her members and her union’s viability – DeVos is looking out for children and focused on improving schools so that every American student has the chance to receive a quality education that broadens their horizons moving forward.

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