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Warren’s Post-Election Strategy Bashed By MSNBC Allies

Elizabeth Warren definitely sees opportunity in the void that now exists at the top of the Democratic Party.

Ever since their losses last week, she has tried to capitalize by going anywhere and everywhere, outlining her policy vision, despite the fact that it was soundly rejected by voters on Election Day.

It seems that her strategy may be backfiring though, as other liberals understand that the party needs to evolve after its defeat. Listen to what usual-Warren backers Mika Brzezinski and Mike Barnicle had to say on Morning Joe earlier today:

Brzezinski’s comments that Warren, “is still caught up in this election,” is clearly bothering Democrats that want to move forward. Brzezinski also made the intelligent point that Democrats cannot, “push the party so far left that we overcorrect on our mistakes and then have a longer time getting back to where we need to go.”

It would be smart advice for Warren to heed. Then again, Warren has made it clear that all she cares about is promoting herself and trying to get her rejected ideas even more attention. As the panel this morning agreed, that would be a dangerous roadmap for the Democratic Party to follow.

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