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Warren Positioned To Lead The Democratic Party Off A Cliff

At a time when the Democratic party is struggling to find a leader and a message that resoundingly resonates with voters, Senator Elizabeth Warren is stepping up to offer once-again, her “no-holds barred liberalism” that most recently booted her party from the Presidency and left both houses of Congress in Republican control.

Earlier today, Politico detailed Warren’s efforts to fill the Democratic vacuum following Hillary Clinton’s defeat. Since Election Day, Warren has taken actions in-front of and behind the scenes to make clear that she will dictate the future of the crippled Democratic Party. This means that the far-left will continue to gain more control of the Democratic Party, prescribing big-government policies that attack free enterprise and threaten the freedoms of every American.

But the irreverent first-term senator is one of the few with the stature to break through the muddle, and her move to promote her brand of no-apologies progressive warfare could have longer-term implications for the party’s direction, an emerging dynamic that’s cheered by liberals but far from embraced by the whole of the party.

While Centrist Democrats “are wary of Warren’s enhanced role,” even they have reluctantly acknowledged that Warren will lead the party in the years ahead.

Only weeks after voters rebuffed Warren’s liberalism, Democrats who are ceding their party to a self-promoting politician from the far-left will have only themselves to blame when their party’s policies become so out-of-touch that the American people reject their ideas yet again.

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