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Warren: Clinton Has Run On The Most Progressive Agenda In History

The normally press averse Elizabeth Warren actually sat down for an interview with Chuck Todd yesterday and said that after much hemming and hawing, she endorsed Hillary Clinton because her campaign has put forward “the most progressive agenda in history.”

Todd pointed out Warren’s reluctance to endorse Clinton early-on, but Warren’s sentiments about Clinton’s campaign are accurate. Because of pressure from Bernie Sanders and the increasingly powerful progressive wing of the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton has put forward an agenda far outside of mainstream thought that is designed to appease extreme liberals on the left. This was made perfectly clear after the Democrat Party’s Platform endorsed proposals that have been strongly championed by progressives like Warren and Sanders.

It’s tough to find areas of agreement with Elizabeth Warren, but she’s right here: Hillary Clinton has run on the most progressive agenda in history and that agenda hands the reigns of government over to Warren’s extreme allies on the progressive left.

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