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Warren And Allies Preparing To Hold Future White House Hostage

In preparation of a new administration, Elizabeth Warren and her radical allies are ready to pounce on the opportunity by trying to make sure every presidential appointment has views in line with their anti-free enterprise agenda.

From Politico:

Warren’s coalition is developing a hit list of the types of people they’ll oppose — what one source called “hell no” appointments — in a Clinton administration. They’re vowing to fight nominees with ties to big banks, and warn against corporate executives assuming government roles in regulating the industries that made them rich.

This is the extreme kind of behavior that has come to be expected by Warren and her fringe allies. Their opposition to free markets and American capitalism is by no means a mainstream view, yet they want to circumvent common sense beliefs so they can help their like-minded friends score plum bureaucratic roles and carry out a big government agenda.

They are also using this strategy because they know that while their dangerous views stand no chance of passing Congress, they can use bureaucratic roles in the Executive Branch to attack entrepreneurs and small business.

In the interest of a growing economy and flourishing private sector, Warren her anti-business cohorts cannot be allowed to hold the White House and American free markets hostage.

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