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WaPo Debunks Sanders’ Claim Medicare-for-All Would Save $2 Trillion

Last week, Democrats quickly jumped on the claim that “Medicare-for-all” would yield a $2 trillion cost savings. The plan proposed and pushed by Senator Bernie Sanders has become a rallying cry for the progressives and radical Left that are taking over the Democratic Party.

The Washington Post Fact Check team exposed the truth:

“All too often, politicians mischaracterize conclusions that are contained in academic or think tank studies. At the Fact Checker, we rely heavily on how a study’s author says the data should be presented. In this case, it’s clear that Blahous bent over backward to accept Sanders’s assumptions, only to find they did not add up. Democrats cannot seize on one cherry-picked fact without acknowledging the broader implications of Blahous’s research.”

Democrats are attempting to distract from the real facts that the propsal would cost taxpayers $32.6 trillion over the first decade.

“The main point of his study is being ignored by Democrats — that even by generously accepting Sanders’s assumptions that he could squeeze providers so much, the plan would still raise government expenditures by $32.6 trillion. This is in line with a 2016 estimate by the left-leaning Urban Institute of an earlier version of the M4A plan — that it would cause federal expenditures to increase by $32 trillion. (Without the provider cuts, Blahaus estimated the additional federal budget cost at nearly $40 trillion over 10 years.)”

In the race to the Left, Democrats are being pushed to accept all of Bernie Sanders’ proposals in the name of winning voters. In reality, their baseless claims are being exposed as rallying cries and not much else.

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