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VIDEO: “Certain Rejection” Of Gov. Edwards’ Tax Hike

Governor John Bel Edwards’ failure is a win for Louisiana families and businesses. Edwards’ liberal special interest agenda is the last thing Louisiana wants at a time when the state needs more good-paying jobs and a growing economy. This new digital ad follows another AR2 ad released on Monday highlighting the broad opposition to Edwards’ proposed business tax hike.

Certain Rejection (Digital, 1:12)

ANCHOR: Your tax plan was pretty much dead on arrival yesterday, what is the plan moving forward?
JOHN BEL EDWARDS: Well.. wah… ah… ah…
ANCHOR: John Bel Edwards’ tax plan has now been dropped. It was facing a certain defeat.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Edwards’ tax hike has now been dropped
ANCHOR: The Governors is giving up on his effort to put a new tax on businesses
ANCHOR: The governor’s office abandons its push to tax companies on their gross receipts
ANCHOR: From the beginning, the proposal received pushback from Republicans, business groups, and the governor’s own allies
ON SCREEN TEXT: Edwards’ tax hike opposed by Republicans, business groups, & the Governor’s own allies
ANCHOR: Governor John Bel Edwards pulled the plug on his tax hike for businesses. The bill faced certain rejection at the capital opposed by most Republicans, business groups, and some Democrats
ANCHOR: Its defeat follows widespread opposition including from state business leaders who testified today: it would chase away enterprise and drive up cost for consumers
ANCHOR: After almost next to no support in the State House tax committee, his proposed commercial activity tax on gross receipts has dissolved
ANCHOR: Even after the governor moved to slice the bill’s footprint from $800 million to $400 million a year, nobody on the House Ways and Means Committee – no Democrats, no Republicans – voiced their support.
ON SCREEN TEXT: Louisiana rejects Edwards’ tax hike
picture: CNN
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