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VIDEO: Sen. Michael Bennet Runs Away When Asked About Gorsuch

Michael Bennet’s silence on the Supreme Court continued today as he briskly walked away from questions asked by KDVR’s Joe St. George about former CO Gov. & Democrat Bill Ritter’s support for Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation:

KDVR’s JOE ST. GEORGE: Has Governor Ritter, as you know he appointed you to the United States Senate. He has come out supporting…is that pressure you’re getting?
SEN. MICHAEL BENNET: I don’t consider it pressure, I consider it having the benefit of having his informed decision, or suggestion, just like the informed suggestion of the people that are here. This is my job, is to hear  from people and what they believe and I’m glad to be out here doing it. I really got to – I was over by 20 minutes so I got to go, but thank you.
BACKGROUND: Former Colorado Governor & Democrat Bill Ritter endorsed Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation in a Denver Post column yesterday.
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