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Unions Flood $80K To Hirono So She’ll Go After DeVos

Sen. Mazie Hirono’s decided to grandstand in the Senate earlier this morning, giving a speech that leveled unfair and untrue accusations against Betsy DeVos.

It’s important to note that Sen. Hirono isn’t doing the bidding of Hawaii’s students and parents. Instead, she’s fighting for a small cadre of special interest unions that have funneled money into her political campaigns.

Teacher’s unions like AFT and NEA have poured over $80,000 into her campaign fund with the full expectation that she would work to stop any efforts to reform the status quo. The unions’ highest priority is opposing the nomination of Betsy DeVos, who promises to put students and parents before big labor’s extreme agenda.

Instead of doing the unions’ bidding, Hirono should fight to try and give Hawaii’s children more opportunities at a better future. That starts with confirming Betsy DeVos and instead of working to help students and families have a better shot at achievement, Hirono clearly deems it more important to cater to her mega-donors’ interests.


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