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Town Hall To Champion Job Loss & Disadvantage Workers

In Kansas City tonight, the so-called ‘Fight For $15,’ campaign will be hosting a town hall that advocates for a massive increase in the minimum wage to $15/hour, costing workers their jobs and making the cost of doing business unsustainable for employers.

In recent weeks, the “Fight for $15,” campaign has suffered a number of setbacks, with bad news out of Seattle following a minimum wage hike instituted there, and a study showing that a $15/hour minimum wage would eliminate more than 7 million jobs across the country.

In fact, Missouri would lose 218,000 jobs if the minimum wage was hiked all the way to $15 an hour. With Missouri’s unemployment numbers already heading in the wrong direction, putting 218,000 more individuals out of work would devastate the state.

It’s long been acknowledged that the “Fight For $15,” isn’t designed to help workers, but is only an SEIU-funded effort to increase their membership rolls and fill their coffers. All evidence shows that a $15/hour minimum wage would actually hurt workers, costing them jobs and slashing hours.

While the bluster and rhetoric from tonight’s town hall may be compelling, a simple examination of basic facts shows why the “Fight For $15,” is so fundamentally flawed and misguided.

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