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Tone-Deaf Warren Ignores Voters’ Voices

In a speech this afternoon to the AFL-CIO, Elizabeth Warren seemed to lay out an argument that had all the makings of a future campaign message:

However, Warren decided to use the bulk of her speech to criticize GOP Congressional leaders – who now control both houses of Congress – exactly the opposite of the message voters sent on Tuesday night. Instead of exploring the failures of her own party, which lost the Presidency and now continues to be in the minority in both bodies of Congress.

That’s a curious claim, especially when conservatives like Ron Johnson, Pat Toomey, Roy Blunt, and Richard Burr were all re-elected. Coincidentally, Warren travelled to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri and North Carolina to campaign against all these senators who were victorious earlier this week.

If Warren is actually considering being a national candidate, she might want to wake up and realize what the nation actually said on Tuesday.


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