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Tom Perez: Scalia’s Death Makes It Easier To Unionize

At yesterday’s Washington Ideas Forum, Tom Perez seemed to imply that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death was a good thing since it made it easier for public sector unions to organize. Check out the video captured by NTK Network:

STEVE RATTNER: How would you increase union membership?

TOM PEREZ: Well I think you have all these – there’s an unmitigated assault on labor unions across a number of states. There was a case that went before the Supreme Court recently and frankly, if Justice Scalia had not passed away, it would have really made it very difficult for public sector labor unions to organize and that would have been one step in a very transparent and well-choreographed set of objectives from folks on the far right to eviscerate the labor movement. I think that’s a bad thing.

Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland made similar comments last month and was widely condemned for his insensitivity. Hopefully Perez recognizes that his words from yesterday are just as offensive and apologizes.

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