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Time For An NLRB That Fights For Workers & Employers, Not Big Labor

Since President Trump took office, Americans have been able to reap the benefits of an administration that is focused on job creation and economic expansion.

However, while Labor Secretary Alex Acosta and the administration have continued to focus on pro-growth policies, one government agency that is impeding the President’s agenda is the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). As Eric Morath writes in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, the Board still consists of two Democrats and just one Republican, with the Democrats doing the bidding of Big Labor unions instead of supporting rules that will be conducive to more hiring.     

Five months into President Donald Trump’s administration, the federal agency that referees disputes between unions and business is still controlled by Democrats, complicating the White House’s effort to roll back government oversight of the labor market.

Fortunately, there are two vacant seats on the NLRB that the President can fill, which would give job creators and American workers a majority on the Board. According to Morath, Preside Trump is set to make appointments to the Board in the weeks ahead.

The White House is considering William Emanuel, an attorney representing employers at the Littler Mendelson law firm, and Marvin Kaplan, counsel at the independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission, according to people familiar with the vetting process.

Despite this, Morath notes that NLRB appointments tend to take a while to make their way through the Senate and ultimately be confirmed.

Given how critical the NLRB is to creating jobs and growing America’s economy, the news that President Trump is set to appoint individuals who are not shills for Big Labor and instead will fight for workers is a welcome sign. If these individuals are appointed, hopefully the Senate makes a change from prior tradition and quickly confirms them so that they can start rolling back job destroying measures that are crippling workers and employers alike.


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