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This Week In #SCOTUS: Dems Admit Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed

As noted in the AP this morning, Senate Democrats have gone into hiding over the current recess, refusing to meet constituents and discuss important issues like the Supreme Court vacancy.

Their silence had the effect of amplifying Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s comments that even she believes Judge Gorsuch will be confirmed and deserves an “up-or-down” vote, which defined the Democrats’ message for the week:

Politico: Sen. Gillibrand Predicts Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed

The Hill: Dem Senator Predicts Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed

Washington Free Beacon: Gillibrand Breaks Away From Schumer, Calls For ‘Up-Or-Down’ Vote On SCOTUS Nominee

New York Post: Gillibrand Thinks Gorsuch Will Be Approved By Senate

Breitbart: Dem Sen Gillibrand: ‘Ultimately’ Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed By The Senate

Fox News: In Rare Concession, Top Dem Predicts Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed

Hot Air: Gillibrand: Of Course Neil Gorsuch Will Get Confirmed

The Blaze: Dem Senator Predicts Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed To Supreme Court

The Washington Examiner: Democratic Sen. Gillibrand: Gorsuch ‘Will Be’ Confirmed

TownHall: Endgame: Democratic Senator Admits That Gorsuch Is Probably Going To Be Confirmed

Newsmax: Democratic Sen. Gillibrand: Gorsuch Will Be Confirmed

AOL News: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Admits Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court Confirmation Is A Sure Thing

Law360: NY’s Sen. Gillibrand Says Gorsuch Confirmation Likely

The fact that the only commentary from the left this week came when a leading member conceded that Gorsuch’s nomination is a lock works as a great metaphor for the failure of Sen. Schumer’s obstruction strategy.

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