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The ROC Way: Partisan Agenda Comes Before Workers’ Rights

Earlier this week, the notorious Big Labor front group Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC) decided to join a blatantly partisan lawsuit launched by liberal activist David Brock.

The lawsuit is a baseless political attack but what’s getting lost in the shuffle is that ROC is not a “workers rights” group as some media reports have claimed, but works hand-in-hand with union bosses to line their pickets at the expense of America’s restaurant employees.

Shockingly, this isn’t the first-time ROC has put their special-interest agenda ahead of workers. Just last month, co-founder Saru Jayaraman claimed that “it doesn’t matter how reasonable” any of President Trump’s nominees might be, declaring they will “resist” regardless. These comments came on the heels of another ROC United activist blaming injustices and their movement’s struggles on “white supremacy.”

Last year, ROC’s rampant hypocrisy and partisan-motivated agenda was exposed in a report entitled “Looking Under The ROC.” The Daily Caller noted this in response to the report:

The Restaurant Opportunities Center United (ROC) claims its mission is to improve wages and working conditions. Critics warn the group is nothing more than a front for labor unions trying to push progressive policies. America Rising Squared found the group has also ignored sexual assault complaints and unsanitary conditions for restaurants it praises as ideal progressive businesses.

ROC’s dangerous agenda has been floundering despite the millions spent by their big labor allies, and this partisan attack simply confirms that liberal politics are more of a priority for them than helping American workers.



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