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The Advocate: National Conservative Group Targets Gov. John Bel Edwards’ Tax Proposals

America Rising just released a new digital ad in Louisiana taking aim at Governor John Bel Edwards’ horrible tax proposal. Check out the new ad and the Advocate‘s story below:

The Advocate: National conservative group targets Gov. John Bel Edwards’ tax proposals

By Elizabeth Crisp
Apr 24, 2017

Gov. John Bel Edwards’ tax proposal has prompted yet another ad campaign against it, just as a major component gets its first hearing in a House committee this week.Members of the House Ways & Means Committee on Monday began hearing the details of Edwards’ proposed Commercial Activity Tax. The committee is expected to continue its hearing Tuesday morning.

America Rising Squared, an affiliated entity of the conservative America Rising political action committee, is launching a digital campaign against Edwards’s plan. It’s at least the third ad campaign prompted by Edwards’ push to overhaul taxes to prop up the state’s budget.

In the newest 30-second ad, America Rising uses clips from local media reports on the potential impact of the tax, concluding “Edwards’ Tax Hikes: Wrong for Louisiana.”

“The only bipartisanship Gov.Edwards has brought to Baton Rouge is united opposition to his horrible tax plan,” said Nathan Brand of America Rising. “Louisiana families and businesses need a growing economy, not Edwards’ liberal tax and spend agenda.”

America Rising has identified Edwards, a Democrat, as a target as he mounts his re-election bid.

The ad comes just as Edwards’ supporters at Rebuild Louisiana have launched their own ad, first on a digital platform and expected to expand to television airwaves this week.

The Truth in Louisiana Politics political action committee has also taken aim at Edwards’s plan with an ad referring to the CAT as a “European-style tax.” Those ads have been on television for several days, as well as social media and websites.


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