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Tester Goes Back On His Word, Puts Left-Wing Activists Before Montana On SCOTUS

Following the breaking news that Sen. Tester will join his fellow left-wingers in the first-ever partisan filibuster of a SCOTUS nominee, wanted to note some important background and send a quote from America Rising:

Back On His Word

Jon Tester previously promised he would give Judge Gorsuch a “fair shake:”

Ignoring Wishes Of Montanas

The Billings Gazette editorial board previously ripped Democrats for not rising above “petty partisan politics” in their opposition to Judge Gorsuch.

Montanans also made it clear that they wanted a conservative to replace Justice Scalia, voting last fall for President Trump by a 20-point margin.

Putting Left-Wing Activists First

Out-of-touch groups have demanded Democrats to oppose Gorsuch, despite his impressive credentials

Liberal groups have pressured Democratic campaign arms not to support Senators that support Gorsuch in their 2018 re-election runs

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