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Signature Submission Is Political Theater Put On By Out-Of-Staters

As the unions and their lackies flood Jefferson City today to submit signatures that attempt to circumvent the will of Missouri’s voters, their efforts only show the lengths that Big Labor will go to maintain power over the working people of the state.

It’s important to note that Right-To-Work hasn’t even taken effect yet and already Missourians are reaping the benefits of an administration and legislature that put the interests of working families before the special interest unions. Because of their efforts, Missouri has seen its business-standing improve when compared to surrounding states and companies are moving to Missouri to hire workers.

Despite these steps forward that have helped Missourians, out-of-state unions are threatened that workers will no longer be forced to fork over their hard-earned money to them, and then they won’t be able to spend that to fund their pet liberal causes. That’s why the orchestrated a massive astroturf campaign, funded by out-of-state interests, to get signatures to put this law on the ballot.

Missourians won’t fall for the unions’ shady tactics. While they may make some noise today, citizens across the Show-Me State know that Right-To-Work helps families, is good for small businesses looking to hire, and makes Missouri more competitive. That’s why their movement, which is not grassroots but coordinated by out-of-state, left-wing operatives will fail, and Missouri can continue to focus on pro-growth initiatives moving forward.

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