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SHOT/CHASER: Warren Touts High Min Wage Even Though It’s Crushing MA

In the latest example of how out-of-touch Elizabeth Warren is with her alleged home-state, she claimed in a tweet this morning that Massachusetts is succeeding because they have “the highest state minimum wage in the country.”

That comment doesn’t square with what business leaders and job creators across the Bay State have said.

Boston Globe: As Minimum Wage Rises, Some Employers Cut Back

“For some small business owners in Massachusetts, however, the effect of the wage increases has been significant. The owner of two family entertainment centers in Massachusetts said she has reduced her staff to 20 people, down from 50, over the past two years, to counteract rising payroll costs.”


“Are we feeling the pinch? Absolutely. Every day,” –Mark Wallace, Winthrop Marketplace

“I just think $15 is just something the Massachusetts economy, even inside 495, can’t handle…It will help some people, but it will cost jobs. . . . And it’s the young, unskilled workers who are going to get hurt by this.” –Bill Vernon, Massachusetts NFIB

Clearly, catering to big labor allies (who have already flooded over $400K into her campaign fund) ahead of 2020 is a higher priority for Warren than fighting for the best interest of Massachusetts.


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