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Shady PAC Gives Big Money To Anti-Big Money Missouri AG Candidate

In news broken this weekend by The Springfield News-Leader, a previously inactive PAC is now coming to Democrat AG candidate Teresa Hensley’s aide with big money donations to prop up her lagging campaign.

A dormant fund for Democratic candidates for attorney general was rejuvenated Friday by at least $380,000 in contributions, according to the Missouri Ethics Commission.

The Democratic Attorneys General Association – Missouri political action committee, which hasn’t filed a full report of significant financial activity since April 2014, tallied 15 large donations in a filing with the ethics commission on Saturday. Contributions of more than $5,000 are required to be reported within 48 hours of receipt.

Donors to the PAC included Comcast ($60,000), Visa ($50,000), the American Association For Justice ($50,000) and groups in the tobacco, insurance and legal industries. 

The irony here is Hensley would take these large donations after spending her entire campaign denouncing big money in politics and supporting efforts to limit campaign contributions. It’s unsurprising behavior from a career politician who says one thing in public, but then benefits from the very practices that she denounces.

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