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Sen. Crapo Calls Out Dem Hypocrisy, Citing Absent Kagan Solicitor General Docs

This afternoon, Senator Crapo called out Democrats for their claims on document disclosures when Elena Kagan was being confirmed to the Supreme Court. Senator Crapo pointed out that Republicans came to an agreement with Democrats not to request Kagan’s documents from her time as solicitor general, but that Democrats have come to no such agreement with Republicans on Judge Kavanaugh’s documents from the Bush administration.

SEN. MIKE CRAPO (R-ID): “Now I wanna make one side note. It was said here today that the number of documents provided by Justice, now-Justice Kagan, who was also a nominee who had served in the White House, and had many, many documents relating to her service, that 99 percent of the documents requested for her were provided. One problem with that fact. And that is that when Justice Kagan was before us, she had been the solicitor general. There were probably more pages relevant to her service there than to your service. We don’t know the number, because the Republicans agreed — after a strong disagreement with the Democrats — that we wouldn’t request those documents, because the White House claimed they were sensitive. The Democrats have not made that agreement with the Republicans this time.”

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