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Seasoned Dem To Highlight ObamaCare’s Failure On National Stage

The only reason Democrats would trot out a 72-year-old former Governor to respond to President Trump’s speech tonight is because they think he can tell a good enough story to save the spiraling failure that is ObamaCare.

Unfortunately for Steve Beshear, much like the rest of the nation, ObamaCare led to higher costs and fewer choices for Kentuckians during his tenure. Just look at the facts:

  • KY’s Largest Private Provider Of Kynect Health Insurance Policies Went Belly-Up In 2015 
  • UnitedHealth, Aetna, & Baptist Health All Exited From KY’s Health Care Exchanges 
  • Anthem Only Offered HMO Plan In A Majority Of KY Counties, Leading To Fewer Choices

Liberals have tried to sell the American people on ObamaCare for seven years and tonight, Gov. Beshear will make a last-ditch effort, even though his unsuccessful record in Kentucky speaks for itself.

His partisan spin should be ignored and the American people should instead put their energy behind an approach that repeals this disaster and replaces it with something that works.

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