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Ripped From Headlines: Liberal Wing Doubles-Down On Plans To Take Reins Of Potential Administration

While Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren may have been arm-in-arm in New Hampshire yesterday, tensions beneath the surface are simmering as Warren and her avowed socialist ally Bernie Sanders plot to commandeer a potential Clinton Administration and install extreme liberals in key posts to continue their attacks against America’s free enterprise system.

Check out today’s headlines that tell the real story behind Warren and Sanders’ plans:

New York Times: Liberals Hope Elizabeth Warren Will Serve as Clinton’s Scrutinizer in Chief 

Washington Post: Sanders is prepared to be a liberal thorn in Clinton’s side

Bloomberg: Warren Campaigns With Clinton With Eye on Curbing Wall Street 

Politico: Clinton and Warren: Friends Now, Trouble Ahead

Wall Street Journal: Elizabeth Warren Pitches Hillary Clinton, and Her Own Agenda 

Boston Globe: Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren on the same page — for now

As Elizabeth Warren says, “personnel is policy,” so it’s clear that she and Sanders will use their newfound power to push Clinton hard to the left on key administration posts, particularly in the financial space. They have already done this with the Democratic Party platform, pushing forward an unprecedented liberal agenda this year.

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