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Ripped From The Headlines: Democrat’s SCOTUS Recess Campaign Falls Flat, As GOP Stays United

When the Senate went on recess Democrats across Washington predicted that this would be a breaking point for Senate Republicans. Yet the recess is over, and the verdict is in: The Democratic effort to get the Republicans to move off their principled stance and confirm an Obama liberal to the Supreme Court has utterly failed.

As Politico reported, “the fundamentals surrounding the high court fight remain essentially unchanged”:

“But the the fundamentals surrounding the high court fight remain essentially unchanged as senators return to Washington this week as senators return to Washington this week. Grassley and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are as insistent as ever that there will be no hearings or votes on Garland this year, regardless of how many meetings GOP senators have with the nominee or how many protests Democrats stage.”

Politico was far from alone in its reporting. Across numerous publications today there was a unanimity of opinion that Republicans had stayed united during the two week recess, even when confronted by unprecedented politicking from the Democrats for a Supreme Court fight. Below see some of that coverage that highlights that Republicans are solidly behind Senator McConnell’s plan to give the American people a voice in the Supreme Court pick:

Washington Post: “Senate Republicans hold fast against Garland after two weeks of Democratic fury”

New York Times’ Jackie Calmes: “On blocking SCOTUS pick, GOP estab’t & anti-estab’t conservative groups are united. Pressure works on 2 R senators”

New York Times’ Peter Baker: “Prospects for Garland dwindle as two GOP senators revoke support for hearings.”

New York Times: “2 Republican Senators Revoke Support for Garland Hearings”

Roll Call: “Meetings but no Movement on Garland Nomination”

USA Today: “Senators remain at stalemate over Supreme Court as they return to work

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