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Pruitt Goes On Offense In MSNBC Interview & Fact Checks Misinformed Hosts

There’s no question that MSNBC and Morning Joe in particular are out to scuttle the agenda of this new administration, but EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt refused to allow them to promote their uniformed facts about America’s environmental policy during an interview this morning.

While the hosts tried to make the case that pulling out of the Paris Accord while be detrimental for the environment, Pruitt correctly pointed out that back in 2015, folks on the Environmental Left were critical of the initial agreement:

Indeed, going back to a Guardian article from December 2015, James Hansan, who is called the “father of climate change awareness” not only said the Paris Agreement was “a fake,” and “a fraud” but also called it “worthless words,” and “bulls***.”

Later in the interview, Pruitt absolutely shut down an argument from liberal economist and former Obama advisor Steve Rattner about America’s role in the world when it comes to energy. While Rattner criticized the U.S.’s energy policy, Pruitt explained that the cost of electricity has soared in other countries that totally abandon particular sources and also showed that our country has “nothing to be apologetic about” because we have made “tremendous progress” in reducing emissions on our own.

While MSNBC does everything they can to carry water for the left and criticize this Administration for putting our economy first, Pruitt clearly showed this morning that withdrawing from the Paris Accord was the right decision and in America’s best interest.



photo sourceThe Washington Examiner

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