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Progressive Dems Push “Medicare for All” Bill To The Left of Sanders

Today, House Democrats will be releasing their version of Medicare for All. According to a Politico report, “the proposal calls for a two-year transformation of Medicare into a universal single-payer system, eliminating nearly all private health plans.” The blueprint does not include how much the policy will cost or any specifics on how to pay for it.

Democrats are divided on this far-left policy proposal:

“We’ve got extremists who want to shoot the moon. Some policies would be wonderful, but you’re not going to get them out of the Senate and you’re not going to get them out of the White House,” said one House Democrat who represents a district won by Trump in 2016 and who wants the new Congress to tackle drug pricing first.

According to Axios, the House version is even further to the left than Bernie Sanders’ proposal. The progressive base is consistently “laying down ever-more-ambitious markers as they gain more and more influence over their party.”

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