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President Nominates Additional Judges As Bibas Moves Towards Confirmation

Thursday was a very good day for conservative jurisprudence as President Trump nominated nine more individuals to serve on the federal bench. These individuals all are highly-credentialed, well-qualified, and full throated conservatives that will use the Constitution as their guide when issuing rulings.

One particular nominee, Justice Don Willett, has achieved notoriety for his active social media use and his selection won widespread praise among his legions of fans on Twitter.

Also on Thursday, the nomination of Stephanos Bibas to serve on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals took a step forward when Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey sent his “blue slip” back to the Judiciary Committee, allowing for Bibas to receive a hearing.

Philadelphia Inquirer: With Blue Slip, Bob Casey Gives Green Light To Trump Judicial Nominee

Bibas is currently a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania and has a strong conservative record. Senator Casey had no basis for his obstruction, which flew directly in the face of what Pennsylvanians said last year when they voted to allow President Trump to nominate federal judges.

With all these developments, President Trump continues to keep his campaign promise to nominate conservative justices to carry out our nation’s laws on the federal level.

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