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Partisan Operator Perez Continues To Be Floated For AG

When The Associated Press’ Julie Pace first reported that current Labor Secretary Tom Perez was a candidate to serve as Attorney General in a potential Clinton Administration, AR2 quickly pointed out how his awful record at the Department of Labor shows that he should be in no position for a promotion.

Despite his failure at DoL, Perez continues to be floated for the AG job by news outlets, including ABC News and The Hill this morning.

Given the importance of the AG’s office, the next head of the Justice Department can’t be a political operator, but someone with a demonstrated record of upholding the law for all Americans.

Unfortunately, politics appears to be Perez’s top priority. In recent days, WikiLeaks has published emails revealing multiple examples of Perez plotting political moves with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta at a time when he should have been doing his day job as Secretary of Labor, which was highlighted by The Washington Free Beacon:

Labor Secretary Tom Perez potentially ran afoul of the law by coordinating with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman using his official government email account during the workday, according to emails obtained by Wikileaks.

Perez exchanged emails with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta on December 3, 2015, just hours before the campaign released his endorsement statement. Podesta emailed Perez asking him for his personal account at 10:25 a.m. Perez responded with his personal contact, adding “Can we catch up for a few minutes today?” The two agreed to a phone call at 11:45 a.m., according to the emails, which were hacked from Podesta’s account and posted on Wikileaks.

Instead of having a career political operator with a disastrous record as Labor Secretary as the Attorney General, the next administration should look towards a serious individual that will put the rule of law, not party politics, first.


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