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Out-Of-Touch Liberals Defending Gov’t Programs Instead Of Middle Class Tax Relief

In a new ad campaign launched today, a far-left group is opposing common sense tax reform, incorrectly claiming that legislation will only benefit higher-income earners at the expense of the middle class.

Naturally, this group, which is funded by staples of the “so-called” resistance movement that is opposed to any kind of legislation, is made up of liberal extremists who think it is far more important to fund wasteful government programs instead of giving hard-working Americans a tax break.

The notion that tax reform would only benefit upper-income earners is incorrect too. In fact, tax reform would help all Americans save more money and get ahead. The American Enterprise Institute noted that “average workers are hurt by high rates of corporate taxation,” more than rich-earners.

AEI: Corporate Tax Reform Done Right Can Boost Middle Class Wages

On top of that, The National Tax Journal found that “labor shares a significant part of the burden of corporate income taxes,” indicating that if those taxes were reduced, everyday workers would reap the benefits. Even The Tax Foundation concluded that lowering corporate rates would lead to better standards of living and increased wages for the middle class.

So don’t buy in to the left’s phony spin. They are desperate to protect their liberal interests and opposed to any effort that will provide much-needed tax relief to middle class Americans.

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