Confirming Conservative Judges

Confirming Conservative Judges

Nominating and ultimately appointing judges who will uphold the Constitution and rule of law is essential to protecting our Democracy. Liberal special interest groups are working overtime to obstruct such judges from being appointed, and they prefer judicial nominees that act more like super-legislators who use their position to advance a radical agenda.

America Rising Squared (AR2) has developed a strong record of engaging in the public policy debate over the Supreme Court. In addition to playing a leading role in the fight to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh, AR2 supported conservatives’ efforts to keep Justice Scalia’s seat open until the American people spoke in the 2016 Presidential Election.

In 2017, we were fully engaged in the effort to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch. AR2’s research and rapid response operation highlighted the hypocrisy of liberals who were dead-set on opposing a conservative nominee before Kavanaugh was even named.

Throughout the Congressional hearings, AR2 researchers fact-checked the Democrat members of the Senate Judiciary Committee in real time and monitored online conversations among liberals to push opposing narratives to mainstream and conservative reporters.

We stand ready to deploy the full range of our research, rapid response, and communications capabilities should another Supreme Court vacancy become available.

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