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On MayDay, Unions Fight Against American Workers’ Interest

Today, left-wing activists funded by major union groups will take their losing message to the streets, protesting a number of policies that would advance their drastically out-of-touch agenda. One of the policies at the top of that list is a massive increase in the minimum wage which could eliminate millions of jobs for working class Americans.

As private-sector businessman Andy Puzder explained on MSNBC this morning, a dramatic minimum wage hike would destroy jobs and disadvantage workers from getting ahead.

A study from the Heritage Foundation corroborated Puzder’s claim, finding that if the minimum wage was bumped to $15/hr, seven million Americans would lose their jobs.

In closer look shows that today’s protests are not about the interests of everyday American workers, but are a front for Big Labor that has backed this effort from the start. With their membership shrinking, they are desperate for a way to line their pockets with more union dues and see a minimum wage hike as their last, desperate gasp.

May 1st is a day meant to advance the interest of workers. Instead of promoting this dangerous idea that would have dire consequences for millions, these protesters should be promoting policies that will create more jobs and help more Americans find the “ladder of opportunity.”

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