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Obama Holdover Cordray Continues To “Evade” On His Political Ambitions

After yesterday’s non-response from Richard Cordray to questions from the House Financial Services Committee Chairman, it’s quite obvious that he has his foot in two camps.
Chairman Hensarling simply asked Cordray if he planned to complete his CFPB term, and, if not, advised him to step aside so he was not implementing a rule while also considering a run for Governor of Ohio. Cordray wrote back, saying he had “no further insights to provide on the subject.” Reuters called his answer “evasive.”
Meanwhile, Cordray is scheduled to headline the big annual AFL-CIO Labor Day picnic in Cincinnati this Monday — and speculation is running rampant that he intends to announce his candidacy at that event.
It’s bad enough that an Obama holdover is still pursuing liberal policy objectives in the Trump administration – as The Wall Street Journal editorial board pointed out last week – but it’s even worse when that federal official appears to be plotting a political campaign on the taxpayer dime, and won’t even answer straight questions about it.
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