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New Study: Misconceptions Surround Medicare For All

According to a new study from the Kaiser Family Foundation, Democratic voters have many misconceptions about how Medicare for All would drastically change our health care system into a government run program.

Huffington Post: “Two-thirds of Democratic voters think that people with employer coverage could hold on to their policies under Medicare for All.”

“In reality, both the Sanders proposal and its House counterpart, from Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), would prohibit the sale of private insurance that is “duplicative” of what the new government plan would offer.”

“That would effectively wipe out existing employer policies.”

The misunderstandings surrounding the policy likely come from 2020 Democratic presidential candidates touting the proposal, without being forthright that Medicare for All would mean an end to private insurance.

The only thing voters seemed to grasp about the policy is that it would mean an extreme tax hike. It is estimated that Medicare for All would cost over $32 trillion dollars.

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