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New Report Shows The Importance Of Rejecting the Environmentalist Left’s Extreme Agenda

Yesterday, the U.S. Chamber’s New Energy Institute released a report reminding Americans of the devastating impact that the extreme “Keep It In The Ground” environmental movement, pushed by Bill McKibben, would have on the country.

According to the report, had the movement been successful:

  • 3 Million jobs would not have been created
  • The U.S. economy would be a half-trillion dollars smaller today
  • Electricity prices would be 31% higher, and motor fuels would cost 43% more
  • Residential natural gas prices would be 28% higher; industrial natural gas prices would be 94% higher
  • America’s manufacturing comeback would have stalled
  • States that saw the biggest gains from the renaissance would have been the hardest hit

Data from the US Energy Information Agency shows a significant decline in energy production from January this year as the Environmentalist Left continues to interfere with energy development. It appears that environmentalists are determined to derail America’s path to energy independence, which was deemed on the fast track just three years ago.

Bill McKibben’s favorite phrase might be that “when environmentalists fight, they win”, but the clear reality is that when they fight, we all lose.

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