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New Litmus Test For The Left: Socialized Medicine

The headline of a piece by NBC News this week tells the whole story… “Government-Run Health Care: Democrats’ New Litmus Test.”

For anyone testing the crowded waters of Democratic presidential politics these days, the applause they hear for “Medicare for All” makes the issue a no-brainer.

As Democrats from Bernie Sanders, to Elizabeth Warren, to Kristen Gillibrand, to countless others come out in favor of single-payer health care, they exemplify how far the party has moved to the left.

These liberals are far more concerned with appealing to the rabid base of their party that’s demanding they adopt more extreme policies than dealing with the real-word consequences of what they propose. After all, a recent study showed that single-payer health care would lead to monumental tax hikes and cost the government $32 trillion over a ten-year period.

This new litmus test means that there is no longer space for Democrats to oppose a costly, government-controlled health care system, ensuring that the only remaining members of the party will be liberal activists in the mold of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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