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NEW: Attacks Collapsing – Liberal Accuser Previously Said That What Gorsuch Did Isn’t Plagiarism

More evidence is mounting to show that these plagiarism allegations launched against Judge Gorsuch are bogus.

The Daily Caller found that this individual is part of a group that doesn’t consider what Judge Gorsuch did plagiarism & The Washington Free Beacon is reporting a central accuser is an unabashed liberal activist:
Plagiarism ‘Expert’ Attacking Gorsuch Previously Said What He Did Isn’t Plagiarism
By Peter Hasson
The Daily Caller
April 5, 2017
The Citation Project, which Howard helps lead, said, “Patchwriting is not ‘theft’ and therefore not plagiarism.” The group relied on Howard’s definition of “patchwriting” in formulating that claim.
Green Party Member Accuses Gorsuch of Academic Violations
By Bill McMorris
The Washington Free Beacon
April 5, 2017

Howard was a registered Democratic voter from 1986 and 2010 and voted in 2016 as a registered member of the Green Party, according to New York voting records. She is outspoken about politics on social media, tweeting support for President Barack Obama and repeating a variation of the “nevertheless, she persisted” slogan used by fans of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.).

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