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WPAi/Definers Public Affairs Survey Shows That Voters In Key 2018 States Strongly Back Republican Tax Reform Plan

A new survey released today from WPA Intelligence and Definers Public Affairs revealed that voters in ten swing states are strongly supportive of the GOP’s tax reform efforts.

All these states were won by President Trump in 2016 and also have incumbent Senate Democrats running for re-election in 2018. In every state, the model shows significant support for the plan outlined by President Trump and Speaker Ryan, which would cut taxes and save the average American family around two thousand dollars per year, or more, by doubling the yearly standard deduction, eliminating the death tax, removing the tax on savings interest and dividends and ending the alternative minimum tax.

“Today Democrats face a choice: Work across the aisle to modernize and simplify our out-of-control tax code to let families keep more of what they earn, or obstruct progress with partisan political games,” said Brian Rogers, Executive Director of America Rising Squared. “The American people will be watching, and this new data indicates that failing to work constructively to fix our broken tax code will bring serious political consequences in 2018.”

The survey found widespread backing of the tax reform effort, with average support of 68% across these 10 key states. Additionally, the level of support was highest in four states that President Trump won by double-digits in 2016, West Virginia, North Dakota, Montana, and Missouri.

Read the memo from WPAi and Definers here for full details on the survey and its methodology.

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