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New AR2 Ad: Confirm Alex Acosta For Secretary Of Labor

As first reported in Bloomberg, America Rising Squared (AR2) has launched a new 30-second television ad and digital campaign highlighting the record and credentials of President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta.

The ad provides important background about Acosta’s impressive life story and strong record of public service, and urges the Senate to confirm him. The ad premiered yesterday on CNN State of the Union and Fox News Sunday, and is scheduled for a significant run this week. Acosta’s confirmation hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday, March 22nd.

“Confirm Acosta” (:30)

The son of Cuban immigrants, Alex Acosta was the first in his family to attend college.

A graduate of Harvard Law School, Acosta was appointed by President Bush to the Justice Department.

As a prosecutor, he brought down drug lords, radical Islamic terrorists, and corrupt lobbyists.

Now, Acosta’s nominated to lead the Labor Department, where he’ll seek justice and jobs for American workers.

Smart, principled, conservative. Tell the Senate, confirm Alex Acosta for Labor Secretary.

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