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New Ad From JCN Slams Dems’ Obstruction & Urges Gridlock Reform

As Senate Democrats continue to block President Trump’s judicial nominees, the Judicial Crisis Network (JCN) is calling out their obstruction and urging Congress to pass legislation offered by James Lankford that would reform the current system.

As Ken Blackwell highlighted in an op-ed for Town HallSenate Democrats have taken their obstruction efforts to historic heights, “becoming the doctors of gridlock.” Blackwell noted that individuals in the Senate minority have worked to block President Trump from filling the more than 100 vacancies that currently exist on the federal bench, “threatening a backlog in the courts that could last for years.”

In order to stop Democrats from using delay tactics to keep their activist liberal judges in charge, Congress should immediately consider Sen. Lankford’s gridlock reforms that will end the backlog, and allow President Trump’s principled nominees to take their rightful position as part of the federal judiciary.

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