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Myth Vs. Fact – Andy Puzder Has Strong Record Of Protecting & Helping Workers

While left-wing groups and special interest unions have desperately tried to ding Andy Puzder with false attacks about CKE employees, a clear look at the facts shows that he has a strong record of protecting these workers and helping them reach new heights.

Myth: Liberal Contributor To The Nation Magazine Claims Puzder “Linked To Smorgasbord Of Alleged Labor Abuses”

FACT: Puzder Ran “Clean Shop,” Had “Third Best Compliance Record” & No Violations Were Found At Corporate-Owned Stores

Bloomberg reported the following:

That statistic, from a September Bloomberg BNA analysis of WHD enforcement data, is based on about 60 investigations of CKE-affiliated establishments since the start of the Obama administration. That is among the lowest levels of scrutiny in the fast-food industry as a share of overall stores. And no FLSA violations were found within the handful of cases at corporate-owned stores.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s units were subjected to a relatively small number of WHD audits from an agency that targets cases at workplaces likely to yield a high return on investment, such as fast-food restaurants. This indicates Puzder is running a fairly clean shop, Gordon said.”

Bartlett, who represents quick-service restaurant franchisees, was referring to a Bloomberg BNA finding that when the WHD investigated Hardee’s or Carl’s Jr., the stores agreed to pay an average of $2,000. That’s among the lowest totals out of the 20 largest fast-food companies.The largest average was $13,000 per audit.

The 60 percent violation rate was actually the third-best compliance record among the 20 companies surveyed. 

Myth: Left Wing Group Funds Fake Survey Of Employees Bemoaning Working For CKE Restaurants

FACT: Accurate Survey Shows Workers Agree That Hardee’s & Carl’s Jr. Are “Great Places To Work

Michael Saltsman writes in Forbes:

“Over 90% of employees agreed that they felt “safe and respected” in their work environment, including 93% of female employees, and 92% agreed that Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are great places to work.”

Myth: Individual Worker Who Started At CKE Before Puzder Joined Company Blames Him

FACT: Individual Worker Tells Story Of How Puzder Encouraged Employee To Rise From Hourly Wage To Regional VP & Partian Franchise Owner

In The San Diego Union-Tribune, Cheryl Doerr tells meaningful story about her career w/ CKE Restaurants:   

“I know Andy Puzder and I would guess many of his critics do not.”

“During my 34 years with CKE, I worked hard and rose through the ranks from a Carl’s Jr. hourly employee to district manager to regional vice president before I became a partial owner of a franchise. I’ve known Andy Puzder for just shy of a decade and during that time he has always treated me fairly and equitably.”

“I am proud of what I’ve accomplished in my career and I’m equally proud of the company that gave me the opportunity to succeed — and I thank Andy Puzder for being a guiding force for me and the many others like me who he has supported in their careers.”

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