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More States Announce Double-Digit ObamaCare Premium Increases

Health insurance premiums are set to spike for ObamaCare consumers next year. This week, several state insurance departments got closer to finalizing their 2017 premium rates ahead of the November enrollment season. The premiums are so high that Tennessee’s insurance commissioner warned that her state’s ObamaCare market was “very near collapse.”


[T]he state insurance department approved a 21.4 percent increase for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia ObamCare plans to be sold in 2017. Alliant (21%), Ambetter (13.7%) (Peach State), Harken Health (51%), Humana (67.5%) and Kaiser Permanente (17.6%) also all received the OK to increase the cost of their marketplace plans by double digits.


The Illinois Department of Insurance said Wednesday it has submitted rate increases to the federal government that for some types of plans average 43 percent to 55 percent. … Rates could increase by an average of 44 percent for the lowest-priced bronze plans, 45 percent for the lowest-priced silver plans and 55 percent for the lowest-priced gold plans, according to a preliminary analysis released by the state Wednesday.


Annual premiums for Ohioans buying health coverage through the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance marketplace will rise about 13 percent next year to $5,065, based on finalized rates sent to the federal government for approval, officials at the Ohio Department of Insurance said Wednesday.


Average overall premiums for 2017 in Nevada are expected to increase between 7.95 and 16.99 percent, according to the Nevada Division of Insurance.


Cigna asked for and received an average 46.3 percent increase. Humana asked for and received an average 44.3 percent increase. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, which did not refile its request, asked for and received a 62 percent increase.

Since opening to the public, ObamaCare failed to live up to the promise of affordable health coverage. Instead, the law continues to push insurance premiums up while slashing health choice. Americans deserve the peace of mind when it comes to their health care, not skyrocketing costs and limited choice.

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