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Missouri’s Unemployment Jump Leads The Nation

A report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics today noted that Missouri experienced the largest jump in unemployment across the country for the month of August.

Unemployment rose significantly in six states in August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

Missouri experienced the largest increase, with a hike of 0.4 percentage points, and Kansas trailed with an increase of 0.3 points.

While the nation’s unemployment rate actually ticked down a tenth of a percent last month, Missouri’s unemployment rate shot up by 4 tenths of a percent to 5.1%, which is higher than the national average.

This rise in unemployment and failure to keep up with the nation’s job growth can be blamed on policies coming out of the Governor’s office in Jefferson City. Instead of working to pass Right-To-Work and unshackle the private sector, Governor Nixon has repeatedly supported big government policies that stifle growth and led to job loss.

This is a disturbing note that could lead to residents leaving Missouri in favor of neighboring states that actual promote job creating policies.

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