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Missouri Senator Expresses Openness To Public Option

Over the past year, the failures of ObamaCare have been rampant, from insurance companies leaving exchanges, including Aetna in Missouri, to premiums rising for families that already were having a tough time making ends meet.

Despite all these failures, some elected officials want to go further and increase the federal government’s involvement in health care through a public option. A government option for health insurance would only exacerbate the current problems with the law, increasing costs even more while giving consumers even fewer choices.

Those facts Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill’s (D-MO) openness to a public option as part of ObamaCare very disturbing. She expressed her support for discussing the government-run option in a Politico article from last night:

Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.), who is also due to face voters in 2018, said she’s open to discussing the public option “but I want to make sure that we’ve done everything to make the market work before we turn to that.”

McCaskill was one of the original 60 votes in favor the health care law and has inexplicably touted the law in the past. Her latest endorsement of debating a public option should worry Missourians who want the freedom to find their own health care for an affordable price, not more government involvement that has proven to be a disaster the last six years.

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