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Will Lead Effort To Help Pass Right-to-Work Legislation & Other Pro-Growth Reforms, Partnering With Missouri Public Affairs Professional Mark Rhoads

JEFFERSON CITY – Following a successful 2016 that saw Missourians embrace new conservative leadership up and down the ballot, Missouri Rising today announced plans to expand its efforts in 2017 to advance freedom and pro-growth policies in the state.

Starting this month, Missouri Rising will lead an aggressive campaign to support the passage of Right-to-Work and other critical provisions to create jobs, grow the economy, and improve Missouri’s business climate. Missouri Rising will also identify legislators critical to the passage of these proposals and encourage their constituents to contact them to support these initiatives which are vital to the state’s future.

To support these efforts, Missouri Rising is thrilled to be contracting with respected Missouri public affairs professional Mark Rhoads, who has spent more than three decades helping to shape the debate in the state capital. Rhoads will quarterback Missouri Rising’s efforts to pass Right-to-Work and other key legislation, coordinating a unified, focused effort to improve Missouri’s business and hiring climate.

“I’m proud to work with Missouri Rising and support efforts to finally pass Right-to-Work and other key legislation to extend freedom and opportunity to all Missouri workers,” said Mark Rhoads. “In the November election, Missouri made a clear choice for new conservative leadership and common sense reforms to improve economic growth and make Missouri a more attractive destination for investment and expansion. I look forward to supporting this important effort, which is vital to the future of our state.”

“Missouri Rising is excited to be doubling-down on the big conservative victories of 2016 and expanding our efforts to support Right-to-Work and other pro-growth policies in the Show Me State into 2017,” said Jeremy Adler, communications director for Missouri Rising. “For too long, forced unionization and other policies have hurt the state’s economy, creating a business climate that discourages hiring, investment, and growth,” Adler continued. “Passing Right-to-Work is a key step in the fight for freedom and opportunity for Missouri’s working men and women, and Missouri Rising is very proud to be a part of it.”

Missouri Rising is undertaking this effort because these reforms are badly needed in the state. According to CNBC, Missouri is in the bottom half of best states to do business and hasn’t been in the top 20 in last five years. On top of that, the state received the second-to-last rating in both the “Workforce,” and “Quality of Life” categories in the 2016 rankings and this past September, Missouri’s increase in unemployment led the entire country.

Missouri Rising, a 501(c)(4) organization, is America Rising Squared’s (AR2) first state chapter, focused on promoting conservative policies and shaping the debate in the Show Me State. Missouri Rising investigates and holds liberal groups accountable, fact-checks misguided politicians who offer ideas that would take the state in the wrong direction, and makes sure citizens have the most up-to-date information to help drive the conversation in the state.


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