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Missouri Rally Makes It Clear That Jobs Must Come First

At a rally at the State Capitol in Jefferson City yesterday, Governor Eric Greitens and State Representative Don Rone made it clear that they listened to the message Missourians sent last fall and would fight for jobs for people of the state.

Speaking as the special legislative session kicked off, both Greitens and Rone highlighted the importance of changing businesses as usual that gives an advantage to special interest insider, and fighting for the people. Greitens took the time to call out career politicians for ignoring the jobs crisis and declared that “those days are over.”

As he introduced Greitens, Representative Rone highlighted why it’s a huge advantage that the state now has a Governor who puts jobs for Missourians at the top of his agenda.

Governor Greitens and Rep. Rone are correct: the state legislature needs to be working on behalf of Missourians to create new jobs and opportunities for the people of the state. That’s why, in addition to passing the utility bill for the steel plant, paycheck protection needs to be approved and additional tort reform measures should be adopted.

Both paycheck protection and tort reform will make Missouri’s economic climate more conducive to hiring which is exactly what the state needs. Hopefully, the legislature will listen to the message sent by Greitens and Rone, and work to implement new policies that help all Missourians find a good-paying job.

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